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Why refurbished POS equipment matters and is not all created equal

For obvious reasons, we think that refurbished point of sale equipment like the receipt printers we sell are important to the restaurant and retail industry, but not all of these products found online are created equal. Here we will discuss why our remanufactured equipment is different than the rest and the pros of buying used instead of new.

The number one reason businesses choose to buy refurbished is price.

Price is important and one of the first things people refine their buying searches with. It is a very important factor when choosing to go refurbished because it can save your small business a lot of money in the end. Why pay a full, over inflated price for new equipment when you can get the same quality for much cheaper? A "best price receipt printer" search in Google will more often than not end up in a refurbished POS printer result like the Epson TM-T88V. But how do you know that a company that refurbishes equipment will take the time to fully test all functions of an item, make sure it is up to like new standards and that it is not a piece of junk? Well most companies out there don't take the time to describe their refurbishing, let alone buying process, but we are right now. 

We cherry pick and buy the best condition used POS equipment that we can find to refurbish.

When we buy equipment like Star thermal receipt printers for our Austin, Texas shop to refurbish, we cherry pick from different local sources, electronic recyclers and auction sites. Owl POS is looking to buy receipt printers in the best condition we can to ensure longevity in the stressful restaurant and bar industry environments.  We do not buy the bottom of the barrel equipment that has been through the mill and is on its last leg. We would much rather get a product that has light use and we do not have to completely tear apart and fix. We can of course do this, but it is not our preferred method. Some other companies pay pennies on the dollar for scrap and piece together their POS printers. We do not. Owl POS tests all functions of our Square compatible receipt printers to communicate with a POS system or iPhone, iPad and Android APP, make sure the drawer kick (DK) Port functions properly and opens the cash drawer and clean the inside and out of the printer as much as possible. All stress and contact points like the print head carriage bar and auto cutter are lubricated, gears are cleaned, checked for broken teeth completely gone through. New ribbons are installed in Dot Matrix impact printers to ensure dark and even printing.

Experience matters in the Point of Sale industry.

Owl POS LLC was started Janurary 2011 in Austin, Tx, but we have been working at other jobs in the printing, retail and refurbished industry for over 20 years. We have seen all the different aspects of this business and only list quality, known and trusted equipment for sale at the best prices. We keep up to date with the receipt and slip printer industry trends and are looking at the future of dot matrix kitchen printers, barcode equipment and order machines for restaurants. We work with many local Austin business, restaurants, bars and retailers on a daily basis. Whether it be all the many Star Micronics iOS and Android App Compatible receipt printers for Square, Shopify, Clover, Shopkeep, PayPal Here, Breadcrumb, etc. or Epson Refurbished Receipt Printers like TM-T88III, TM-T88IV, TM-T88V or TM-U220B we have you covered! Oh and did we mention Free Shipping for customers that aren't local to the Austin, Texas area? 

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