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Support and Drivers

Main Support Sites where you can find User's Manuals and the Latest Drivers :
Epson POS Support Site
Star Micronics Support Site
Zebra Printer Support Site
Samsung Bixolon Support Site

Printer Port Interface Selection FAQ
Square Hardware Support Site
Clover Hardware Support
Citizen Systems POS Support
Intermec Barcode Scanner Support

Owl POS YouTube Page

Square Hardware FAQ :
Only Star Micronics TSP650, TSP650II, TSP100 and SP700 Printers with ETHERNET or BLUETOOTH Connection are compatible with the Square Up App using a standalone tablet or phone. If you are using the Square Stand Hardware, you can use either the Ethernet, Bluetooth or USB version of these printers.

How to videos :
Setting up your Serial Receipt Printer :
If you are replacing an existing printer, confirm the printer's model and interface connection are the same.
Set the configuration dip switches settings to be identical to the old printer.
The dip switches are located underneath the printer below the small metal panel.
Star printers have another set of dip switches on the interface card itself (remove with two screws).
Install the paper and/or ribbon, power cord, power supply and the interface connector.
Install only the cash drawer in the DK (Drawer Kick) port.
Print self test: Hold the feed button while turning the printer on.
Printer settings will print out, press feed again for character test.
Test communication with POS System.

New Installations :
Refer to user's manual located at the links above.

Troubleshooting :
Reboot POS computer or terminal and cycle the power on the printer.
If the printer prints garbage, check the configuration switch settings on the printer.
Run printer self-test to see if the printer is working and verify the settings.
If you have another printer of the same model, swap that unit out. This will determine if communications with the computer/terminal is functioning correctly.
If the problem is with that specific printer unit then check the settings by running the printer self-test.
If you have a data cable of the same type (null-modem serial, parallel, USB, Ethernet), swap out the cable and attempt to print again.
If you are connecting to a Windows PC, you can go into the Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports and determine if the port is functioning and the port number matches with the setup of your software.

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