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Clover POS Compatible Star SP742ML Kitchen Printer Setup and Installation

The Clover Point of Sale Platform has become very popular recently for its powerful and durable Countertop Touchscreen POS Station, Mobile, Mini Payment Processing and now Clover Go. Clover makes their own branded Thermal Receipt Printer, but you may also need a Remote Kitchen Order Printer for your Restaurant or Bar setup. There is only one Dot Matrix Impact Printer Compatible with Clover and it is the Star Micronics SP742ML :

This printer is built to withstand the heat of the kitchen where a Thermal Printer's print quality would be severely affected and make tickets hard to read. Also, because it is a Dot Matrix Printer and uses a Ribbon, you have the ability to print multiple carbon copy tickets in a single pass. It also has a built in Autocutter, so you don't have to worry about tearing the paper off after each one is printed. This is an Ethernet printer and requires a modem and router to be plugged into, but you can run it very long distances from the wait station. Below you will find setup and installation instructions for your Star SP700 Printer.

In order to install your Kitchen Printer, you’ll need access to:

  • A power source
  • An internet source (a modem & router)
  • A Cat5 cable (ethernet cable) to physically connect it to that internet source. Any Cat5 cable (Ethernet cable) can be used, but make sure the Ethernet cable is long enough to go from the Kitchen Printer to the Internet source.

Check your internet connection

From a Clover device’s home screen, open a browser and go to a webpage.

  • If the webpage appears, you’re connected to the internet
  • If the webpage doesn’t appear, you need to troubleshoot your internet connection with this diagram.
  • The Clover Station and the Kitchen Printer must be on the same internet network to communicate properly.
  • If a Clover device is using a WiFi connection, the Kitchen Printer must be plugged into the same router that is the source for the Clover device’s WiFi connection.

Install the Kitchen Printer

  1. Flip the Kitchen Printer over so that the bottom plugs are exposed
  2. Insert the female end of the printer power cord into the printer
  3. Plug the male end of the power cord into a power outlet
  4. Flip the kitchen printer into the upright position
  5. Pull the latch at the top-right of the printer so that the cover pops open
  6. Insert the paper roll so that the paper comes off the roll at the bottom. Pull the paper towards the front of the printer, then close the printer cover
  7. Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into a free port on the router, bridge, or other Internet source
  8. Flip the kitchen printer over again so that the bottom plugs are exposed
  9. Insert the other end of the ethernet cable into the back end of the kitchen printer
  10. Flip the kitchen printer to be in the upright position again
  11. Now flip the power switch to the left side of the printer on
  12. On the front-right-bottom of the printer, red and yellow lights should slowly blink and when a single green light turns on under the Power label and icon, indicating that the Kitchen Printer is communicating with the network
  13. From your Clover device, tap Printer Setup app 
  14. Tap Add Order Printer on the newly listed kitchen printer in the Available Printers section. If you are not seeing the Kitchen Printer display, try these troubleshooting steps.
  15. Tap Test Printer to run a test print on your active kitchen printer

Bar Setup Clover Compatible Printer Clover Station Remote Printer Dot Matrix Ribbon Kitchen Order Printer Restaurant Ticket Star Micronics SP742ML

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