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Owl POS Blog — Zebra Label Calibration Troubleshooting

Zebra Bar Code Printer Repair & Refurbished Equipment | Austin, Tx

Zebra Bar Code Printer Repair & Refurbished Equipment | Austin, Tx

Owl POS offers Repair and Service on all the Zebra Bar Code Shipping Label and Tag Printer Models we sell. We serve the Austin, Texas area and are located in Dripping Springs. You can drop off your printer locally, or send it in for us to troubleshoot and repair. Our prices depend on the model printer, the issue you are having and start at $75. This includes free return shipping and a 90 Day Warranty. Our experienced technicians will perform the same refurbishing process on your printer as the ones we sell on our website.  Common problems we fix with Zebra Label Printers...

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