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What Receipt Printers are Compatible with Square Register?

Did you just purchase a Square Stand or have the Square Register app running on your Android, iPhone or Tablet and need a Receipt Printer or Cash Drawer Hardware Bundle? There are a few different models and options for you to choose from when selecting a Thermal or Impact Receipt Printer and we will go over these here. We will cover other popular POS apps like Shopify, Breadcrumb, Shopkeep, PayPal Here and Clover in upcoming articles.

Lets start with the iPad Square Stand Hardware Setup :

Refurbished Square Stand Compatible Receipt Printers

You can use any of our Square Compatible Receipt Printers with the Square Stand Hardware, this setup has the most options to choose from. It just depends how you want to connect to the Square Stand and how many stations you have. If you are connecting straight to the Square Stand via the USB hub, or with Bluetooth we offer the following Thermal Printers for printing Credit Card Receipts :
Star TSP143U (USB, Autocut Version, built in power supply)
Star TSP143IIU (USB, Autocut, Eco Model Version, built in power supply)
Star TSP654U (USB, Autocut Version)
Star TSP654IIU (USB, Autocut Version)
Star TSP654IIBi (Bluetooth, Autocut Version, not compatible with Square on Android currently)
Star SM-T300i (Bluetooth, Portable Mobile Printer, iOS Compatible)

If you need a remote Kitchen Impact Order Printer, the Star SP742ML or SP742ME will work for all applications. It is a Dot Matrix Receipt Printer and uses a ribbon, so you can print on carbon copy paper rolls, or standard single ply :
Star SP742ML (Ethernet, Autocut Version, Dot Matrix)

Using Square on an iPad, iPhone or Android Device by itself  :

If you are using your iPad or iPhone by itself with the Square app, you will not be able to use a USB Star Micronics Printer. You will need either a Bluetooth Receipt Printer, or Ethernet Receipt Printer. A good reason for going with Ethernet, is that you can have multiple devices print to one printer. If you are using an Android device, you can use either an Ethernet Receipt Printer, or and of the USB Receipt Printer stated above as long as you use the USB OTG(on the go) adapter. Please note, Bluetooth is not currently supported on Android for Square. 

Square Compatible Ethernet Receipt Printers :
Star TSP143LAN (Ethernet, Autocut version, built in power supply)
Star TSP654LAN (Ethernet, Autocut version)
Star TSP654IIE3 (Ethernet, Autocut version)
Star SP742ML (Ethernet, Autocut Version, Dot Matrix)

Don't forget, we also sell Square Compatible Hardware Bundles for all these printers that includes s Refurbished Receipt Printer and a New compatible cash drawer plus cables, paper and everything you need to get started!

If you have any questions about Square Compatible Receipt Printers, do not hesitate to Contact Us, we will be happy to help you decide what version is right for your needs. 

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